The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

January 1, 2022

Many people wonder whether it’s important to visit the dentist in Aurora, ON. The truth is that the lack of dental exams and cleanings can affect your oral and overall body health. Regular visits at the Aurora Dentistry can help minimize the risk of developing gum disease and cavities. Our dentist recommends that you visit the dental office at least twice in a year for the best results.

What to Expect in an Oral Cavity Examination

Regularly going for a dental examination is an essential component of preventative dentistry. Dental exams provide yourdentist an opportunity to clean your teeth and diagnose dental problems that can cause gum disease and decay. It’s also crucial for the dentist to check for signs of oral cancer in the face, neck, and mouth.

Here are some of the things to expect in an oral cavity examination:

  • Teeth Cleaning

Professional cleaning is among the most common procedures to expect in a regular dental examination. The cleaning process involved plaque removal and tartar from your teeth using special dental equipment. Tartar refers to calcified plaque when plaque remains on the teeth for extended periods.

While removing plaque from teeth through regular brushing and flossing is possible, you cannot remove tartar. This residue gives teeth a yellow tint and accommodates bacteria that form acids that corrode the tooth enamel.

The dentist uses a metallic tool to scrape tartar off the teeth surfaces during tooth cleaning. Your dentist then flosses and polishes your teeth after the cleaning to make for the best look and so that they remain free from decay.

  • Visual Inspection

This is another crucial part of the dental exams and cleanings in Aurora, ON. During the procedure, your dentist carefully examines your teeth for any signs of dental issues. It’s often easier to address dental issues during the early stages, so you cannot overstate the essence of early detection. Results from this inspection usually determine the latency of getting additional treatments.

  • Oral Cancer Screen

Oral cancer is a lethal disorder easily treatable in its early stages. Your health care provider for this session becomes the first to detect these signs of oral cancer. They examine the neck, mouth, and face for any abnormalities.

  • Fluoride Treatment

Here, your dentist assesses your fluoride needs in the procedure. If your teeth are at risk of tooth decay, your dentist will issue a fluoride treatment. Fluoride shields the teeth for up to six months from the effects of decay. Still, your dentist may recommend additional preventive treatments like dental sealants, and fluoride vanish.

  • Bite Inspection

Your dentist then inspects the condition of your jaw and teeth alignment. X-rays may be necessary to provide a better image of your jawbone condition or make an impression of your teeth. They then give recommendations for any perceived bite issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth Cleaning

The advantages of oral hygiene include:

  • Early gum disease treatment – Plaque and tartar can have devastating effects on the teeth and gum. It’s possible to reverse periodontal disease if detected at the gingivitis stage.
  • Early Oral Cancer Detection – It’s also possible to treat oral cancer when detected early. We have a trained dental team for detecting oral cancer signs. They use a special light that detects dead tissue in the mouth caused by tumors.
  • Quickly addresses minor oral issues – When you have a cavity, it’s possible to treat it as a small hole before it vandalizes the entire tooth, whence you may need a full dental crown.
  • Detects other health issues –Our general dentist can see significant health issues like swollen lymph nodes in a dental exam. Thus, they can refer you to a primary doctor for additional treatment.
  • Teaching proper oral hygiene techniques – Proper brushing and flossing are essential in your daily oral care routine. Failure to remove tartar from the teeth properly doesharm to your teeth. Therefore, our dentist offers the best techniques for routine oral care.

Although teeth cleaning can treat gum disease, it does have some disadvantages, including:

  • It can damage the nerves
  • There is no guarantee of reattachment of your gums to the teeth in the case of periodontitis
  • They can cause the gums to recede
  • You may be at risk of infection if you have a weak immune system
  • There may be pain and sensitivity after the procedure

Of all, pain and sensitivity are the most common side effects. Also, the risks of a deep tooth cleaning disappear by themselves after 5 to 7 days, and in the worst cases, can last a few weeks.