Teeth Whitening

What better way to make a more memorable first impression

than with a big beautiful smile. Ask yourself, are you happy with your smile? Perhaps your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be. Factors such as aging, as well as dietary habits such as: drinking coffee and black tea, red wine, colas, and also cigarette smoking and certain medications play a role in the colour and shade of your teeth both internally and externally. This factors usually result in a lackluster and less attractive smile.
At-home whitening
Whitening your teeth is an simple, cost effective way to enhance and brighten your smile drastically. This can be achieved quite easily, without damaging or changing your teeth’s structure. We offer various tooth whitening options, your choice of either a 1 hour in-office Boost whitening or a take home will help you achieve the look that you want. These treatments are completely safe, hassle-free and produce immediate and noticeable results.
At-home teeth whitening in Aurora Dentistry

At-home teeth whitening

With an at-home whitening system you can whiten your teeth successfully. This is the traditional way teeth were whitened and will get your teeth between 90% to a 100% of their whitening potential and can be achieved in two appointments. First, impressions are taken to make customized trays to fit over your teeth in the initial visit. Next, you’ll return to receive your whitening trays, whitening gel and instructions. A small drop of gel is placed on each tooth impression of the tray and the trays are worn for 60 minutes each day until all the whitening gel has been finished. Amazing and dramatic results appear within the first week however you will begin to notice changes each day they’re used. This entire process takes approximately two to three weeks to complete giving you a new, beautiful white smile.

Porcelain and plastic replacement options in Aurora Dentistry

FAST & MILD in-office whitening

FAST&MILD is the latest technological innovation in professional teeth whitening. This technology was developed by dentists for dentists. It is a fusion of science and traditional whitening, the likes of which has never been seen in the dentistry industry. FAST & MILD is the first and only Biophotonic teeth whitening system on the market and we’re proud to offer it at Aurora Dentistry. This process has revolutionized tooth whitening and now for the first time ever, professional whitening results can be achieved with virtually no sensitivity or fadeback and best of all this is accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

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