Our team and dentists at Aurora Dentistry offers dental onlays, a procedure that strengthens teeth, for patients in Aurora. 

What is a dental onlay?

A dental onlay is a treatment that restores damaged and decayed teeth. Dental onlays increase the strength and lasting protection of your teeth, so that your dentist can maintain the integrity of your smile.

Onlays restore large cavities without having to require more involved treatment such as a crown. Also, if an area of fracture or decay is too big, fillings are not the right solution. Dr. Rouah will recommend the right treatment method for your damaged tooth.

Why might I consider an onlay?

Ideal candidates for dental onlay treatment typically have too much damage or decay in the tooth structure to be successfully treated using a filling, but have sufficient healthy tooth remaining to avoid the need for a crown. This allows the dentist to conserve more of the patient’s original tooth structure.

Dental Onlays, Aurora Dentist

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