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Tooth Extractions in Aurora, ON

Have you been searching for ‘tooth extractions near me’ but can’t find a reliable dentist in Aurora, ON? Look no further than Aurora Dentistry! We offer a wide range of services ranging from wisdom teeth removal to a simple dental examination.

What types of tooth extractions do you offer?

Simple Tooth Extraction – Just as its name implies, this extraction is a simple procedure where no incisions are needed, and your dentist can remove the tooth directly. This is one of the most common dental extractions our practitioners perform. It’s a great way to remove a dead or decaying tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extraction – While this tooth extraction typically won’t require patients to go under, the procedure is more complex than a simple tooth extraction. Sometimes, patients undergo an x-ray so their dentist can see the tooth structure, allowing them to plan accordingly. We use local anesthesia to numb the area, and we may need to make some incisions to expose more of the tooth’s structure. After the procedure, you may receive some painkillers to help you manage the pain. You will also need to be gentler when going through your dental regimen so the wound has enough time to heal.

Emergency Tooth Extraction – A dental emergency can occur at the most unexpected of times. Emergency tooth extractions give you peace of mind knowing we’re able to handle your dental situation by relieving your dental pain and preventing potential infection.

Is a wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Wisdom tooth extractions is a routine dental extraction. They need to be removed because they can cause problems with the surrounding teeth. Since the procedure is done while you’re under local anesthesia, you shouldn’t feel any pain. However, you can expect to experience some pain and swelling following the procedure.

How do I find a reliable dentist?

Aurora dentistry is where quality meets reliability. Our team is best known for our dental practices, quality service, and a comfortable dental office. If you’re unsure about your coverage or financing options, get in touch with our team at CONTACT DETAILS to discuss your options today!

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