Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Aurora, ON.

If you’re looking for an emergency dental clinic, look no further than Aurora dentistry. We provide reliable emergency dental services during off-times to help relieve your dental pain and keep it from escalating into anything more serious.

When is it a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are never fun and can happen for various reasons at unexpected times. Sometimes immediate medical attention may be necessary to help save the natural tooth, prevent an infection from developing, and most importantly, relieve a patient’s dental pain. By making sure the dental situation is resolved as soon as possible, your dentist can help prevent future dental complications that may arise from the situation.

What Happens During a Dental Emergency Appointment?

When you come in for a dental emergency, your emergency dentist in Aurora, ON will start by conducting a dental assessment. Doing so helps them determine the root of the problem and the steps needed to address the situation. Typically, one of the first things your dentist will look for is gum inflammation and infection. The priority will be to control the infection, save the natural tooth, and relieve a patient’s immediate dental pain. If the situation doesn’t require immediate attention, or if the patient is unable to come in, a dental appointment will be scheduled for the following day. In any case, your dentist will be well equipped and be able to perform most dental procedures that you’ll find during a regular visit.

What Can a Dentist do to Help Relieve My Dental Pain?

When the procedure requires you to come later, your dentist may prescribe you painkillers to help you manage the pain. They will contain the infection as best as they can using antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. While emergency dental treatment will depend on the severity of the issue, our dentists will do their best to provide you with reliable emergency dentistry services when you need them.

If you need urgent dental care, call CONTACT DETAILS for reliable emergency dental services today! Schedule an appointment at your preferred emergency dentist in Aurora, ON.

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