Dental Filling Replacements

Dental Filling Replacement in Aurora, ON

Do you have a dental filling that is unattractive, loose, or damaged? Our reliable dentist can replace old, worn-out, or cracked fillings with brand new, custom-made fillings for your needs.

Replacing Silver Amalgam Fillings

While silver-mercury amalgam fillings are used to seal cavities, they are also associated with a set of drawbacks.

  • They can turn darker with time and cause tooth discoloration, which is why they are primarily used to restore posterior teeth.
  • They are also known to cause tooth sensitivity due to metal reactions.
  • They sometimes cause staining that may require whitening procedures to remove.

Our highly trained dentist, Dr. Eric Rouah, offers filling replacements at Aurora Dentistry. We can replace silver-mercury amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings for better aesthetics.

What Is a Dental Filling Replacement Procedure?

Over time, dental fillings may become loose, chipped, or worn out. At this point, they no longer seal the gap effectively, and bacteria may enter the tooth chamber. Our dentist, checks your dental fillings, dental bridges, and dental crowns for damage during regular dental checkups. Failing dental fillings may increase the likelihood of decay, infections, and gum disease.

Once you book an appointment at Aurora Dentistry, we will take x-rays of your teeth to detect any decay that may have formed underneath the filling. Sometimes, a filling may become loose and fall out. If this is the case, a dental filling replacement procedure may be a suitable solution. Dental Filling replacement near you is nearly the same as a standard filling procedure, except that the dentist must first remove the old filling before placing the new one.

How Do You Know You need Dental Filling Replacement?

The following signs may indicate that you need to contact Dr. Eric Rouah for a Dental filling replacement in Aurora, ON:

  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Your tongue is able to feel the rough edges of a tooth
  • Our dentist can see holes or a dark spot
  • Pressure while chewing food

Dental Fillings may need to be replaced due to high chewing forces, wear and tear, bite problems, or if the cavity expands.

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