Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in Aurora, ON.

If you’re looking to have dental bonding done, visit Aurora Dentistry, where we offer affordable and reliable dental services. All procedures performed are done with your oral health in mind in the comfort of our modern dental clinic.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding fixes chipped or discolored teeth. It can be used to fix gaps and is a popular alternative to dental veneers and crowns. It also tends to be less expensive than dental veneers and crowns. It can also be done in one trip to your local dentist.

Before undergoing tooth bonding treatment, you will first receive a thorough dental assessment where your dentist will look for any underlying issues. If you are a suitable candidate, you’ll be able to consider the following:

Teeth bonding for gaps – This procedure fills the gaps between your teeth. While the gaps can be anywhere between two teeth, dental bonding is more common for the two front teeth where a gap is most visible.

Composite resin bonding – This procedure changes the shape, size, and colour of your teeth. It uses a material known as composite resin, which is directly bonded to your teeth. This makes it an excellent option for altering the looks of your teeth and enhancing their appearance.

Patients come in to have dental bonds for various reasons, but ultimately they want a better smile. Dental bonding is a perfectly safe procedure performed in a warm, welcoming setting. Be at ease knowing your dental care is in good hands.

How Can I Make My Dental Bonds Last?

One of the best ways to make your dental bonds last is addressing lifestyle habits like smoking cigarettes. Smoking can cause your dental bonds to stain and turn yellow. Your dentist may recommend dental veneers may if you’re a chronic smoker as it doesn’t stain as easily. While dental bonds are not as durable as dental veneers or crowns, they can last you years with proper dental care.

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