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Your oral health can be affected significantly by tooth loss. There are many factors that lead to the tooth loss, including: trauma, tooth decay, gum disease, fractured roots and tooth positioning. What many people don’t realize is that when you lose a tooth the bone that surrounds and supports it deteriorates and adjacent teeth begin to collapse and invade the space your former tooth occupied. Of course, losing one of your front teeth results in a gap that is visually obvious to others.
Consequently, this loss will have a huge impact on your smile can affect your self-confidence. Losing your back teeth directly affects your bite and makes it difficult to eat and chew your favorite foods. Your face can even begin to appear “caved in”, s tooth loss progresses and multiple teeth are lost and the stability of your remaining teeth will often be compromised. In the 21st century we are fortunate that there are solutions to replace what nature gave you. With dental implants your teeth can be restored and we can re-create a winning smile for you.
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Dental implants are artificial teeth that are fabricated and surgically fitted and placed into the upper or lower jaw bone.

The implant replaces the missing tooth root and thereby preserves the remaining bone by stimulating and encouraging the bone cells to remain after the natural tooth root is removed. By having implants installed you’ll maintain the integrity of your facial structures by preserving your natural bone.

Typically, the implant procedure requires multiple appointments over the course of several months. In your first visit, x-rays and impressions of the jaw and teeth will be taken to determine bone width and height, gum tissue and spacing available to accommodate placement of the implant. The implant is then surgically placed in the bone and allowed to heal for a period of four and up to six months. A transitional restoration will be used as a temporary solution while bone goes through the process of integrating with the new implant. An implant crown is then placed and will function just like a natural tooth and renew self-confidence and normal functioning.

After approximately four months of healing, an impression is made of the top of the implant

After approximately four months of healing, an impression is made of the top of the implant.

An implant abutment and crown are fabricated and placed on top of the implant. After your implant is placed and healed, it will function just like the rest of your healthy, natural teeth and you will once again be able to smile again with confidence.

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