COVID 19 Protocol

Our family-friendly practice at Aurora Dentistry welcomes patients of all ages. Our well-equipped clinic continues to be open, and Dr. Eric Rouah and our entire team are here to attend to your dental care needs.

We appreciate that visiting the dentist during these pandemic times can be stressful. We have always prioritized our patients’ wellbeing and continue to be diligent about safety.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We follow all COVID-19 safety practices at our well-equipped, clean, and sanitized clinics, so our patients are safe and comfortable at all times. Our dedicated staff, team, and dentist near you are committed to your wellbeing. As an additional step, we have enhanced our safety protocols as part of the Safe Dent program.

We understand that dental treatment should not be postponed, and we do everything we can to ensure patient care and safety. Our experienced dentist follows stringent safety measures during diagnostic, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. Please call our dental office to learn more about the COVID-safety features we adopt and follow.

COVID-19 Safety Steps in Our Clinic

Here is a closer look at the protocols at our clinics:

Steps to Protect Patients

Our caring wears upgraded personal protective equipment fabricated to the highest standards of excellence. Once a patient has finished, we take care to meticulously clean and disinfect the rooms, surfaces, and counters and ensure that we sterilize all instruments.

Patients can use our virtual waiting room by using text messaging and wait outside the room just before their turn. We pre-screen patients and staff for symptoms to ensure that our dental office stays COVID-free. For added safety, we have installed high-efficiency air filtration systems that continuously circulate the clean the air. Lastly, we opt for cashless payment instead of cash or cheque as a precaution.

Safety measures are crucial during these challenging times, and this is why we have a carefully planned and implemented set of protocols to keep our patients and staff safe at all times. We are confident that these precautionary steps will ensure patient and staff safety.

Please feel free to contact Aurora Dentistry for all your dental concerns.