Bite therapy

Bite therapy

The objective of bite therapy is to bring into alignment the teeth and jaw joints (TMJ) so that the involved cease becoming overworked. Overworked jaw muscles can produce soreness to the muscles that is very similar to the effect of painful, overworked muscles as a result of an intense workout at the gym. This structural and muscular instability, if not corrected can result in various, unfavourable oral conditions.

How are TMJ disorders treated?

TMJ disorder treatment can vary depending on the severity of the disorder. Treatments may include: soft diet, medication and possibly the use of a specially designed and orthotic appliance custom made from a hard acrylic. Also known as a bite splint, this appliance rests over the top surfaces of the bottom teeth and is designed and customized to a patient's unique situation. An orthotic appliance realigns and redistributes the muscular forces on the TMJ while specifically guarding and carefully guiding specific joint movements.

Does treatment work?

Yes it does. The TMJ’s are one of the most complex joints in the body and while it can take some time to restore natural harmony, it is possible to restore proper function. Treatment requires reconsidering certain habits as well as patience. In the vast majority of cases our clients experience great relief and can successfully management this condition through the use of the bite splint.

Do dentists need special training to treat TMJ?

Absolutely! Most dental schools do not dedicate much time to teaching about occlusion/TMJ disease due to the importance of other aspects of dentistry such as more common issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Because he’s one of the few who can treat this condition, Dr Rouah is a real find. Dr Rouah has a passion and desire to help those with this condition which lead him to completing his post graduate training required to master the clinical skills that are necessary to treat these complex conditions.